We make brands STAND OUT
through video content.

We create videos that  not only promote your company, products and ideas, but also deliver results and ROI.

Max Rast Media is a creative video production company based in Victoria, BC. We operate across Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Metro Vancouver,  and in some occasions we can travel within the whole BC or Canada wide.

We help businesses & brands do remarkable things with the power of video. We create compelling video content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results. 

We back all of our work with working solutions and video strategies, that are focused on getting your business the best results.

What We Do.

We specialize in video content creation for companies to improve their social media platforms and websites.

Videos are the #1 form of content for businesses and creators looking to be seen. We always look forward to bringing our clients a value. We create promotional videos, marketing videos, brand awareness videos, corporate interviews, event coverage, short video promos, social video content, and product promotion content.

Product Videos & Services Videos

Adding video content showcasing your products or services to your website will greatly increase visitor engagement, and moreover it can help to increase conversion rate up to 80%. Here are some examples for product or services videos:

  • Promo videos highlighting your products and services

  • Product videos for Amazon, E-commerce, Shopify, eBay, Kickstarter, etc

  • New product/service introduction videos

  • Videos showing process of product/service creation

Corporate & Brand Videos

​We believe that one of the best way to make sure you clients understand what you do and how you do it is the video presentation of your brand, product or people that your clients will work with. Video can help  you to communicate the most important message about what makes you different. Let us help you with:

  • Brand Videos, About Us and What We Do Videos

  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials, Cast Study Videos

  • Recruiting Videos and Internal Training & Safety Videos

  • Instructional and Educational Videos

  • Welcome, Thank You and FAQ Videos

  • Virtual Tours, Walkthrough Videos

Social Media and Video Marketing

People retain 10% of what they read, but 50% of what they see and hear! EVERY social media platform, every successful business is prioritizing their video marketing game. Even Instagram nowadays became a VIDEO platform. A lot of business owners still missing out on this opportunity and underestimate the true power of video. It's time to act!

Social Media Content

  • TikTok Videos

  • Instagram Reels and Posts

  • YouTube Videos and Shorts

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Content Distribution

  • Facebook /  Instagram Advertising

Video Marketing Strategies

  • Each strategy is being personalized based on your business niche and goals
  • Basic video strategy can include up to three essential videos, that all businesses need
  • Advanced strategies can have up to 20-30 video assets to get your business on the next level