Max Rast Media is a creative video production company based in Victoria, BC. We operate across Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Metro Vancouver,  and in some occasions we can travel within the whole British Columbia and Canada depending on your video needs! 

What we do? We help businesses & brands do remarkable things with the power of video. We create compelling video content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results. 

And the best part? We back all of our work with working solutions and video strategies, that are focused on getting your business the best results.


Max Rast

Videographer and Video Strategist

Filmmaking and videography has always been my passion. After experimenting with various styles in filmmaking and cinematography, after building personal YouTube channel from 0 to 30k subscribers, I've realized that I've always wanted to help others to overcome challenges with the use of the video and creative ideas.

I usually operate as a one man film crew, however, as per project needs I collaborate with other professionals to help me with video editing, pre-production and production assistance, I also work with marketing experts, professional voice over actors, cast actors, and script editors.

I studied photography and film production at Fulltime Filmmaker Online Film School. I've also completed Creative Product Video Course run by Austen Paul. And this January I've become a member of the National Video Strategists Club.

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